DNA Testing

Who can Participate?

Even though the Y-DNA test is only available for males with a Winslow surname, or other spellings of the Winslow name, if you’re a female, please don’t feel left out. You can perform a critical role to recruit your male relatives for testing and use your genealogy research to support the DNA findings. It takes both DNA and genealogy records to make this effort valuable.

The Lab

The Relative Genetics laboratory, based in Salt Lake City (but not affiliated with the Mormons), will be used to perform the Y-DNA testing. Their lab is an ISO 17025 certified facility providing the highest quality tests while assuring the privacy of their clients. During my evaluation, I interviewed several family project coordinators (individuals managing their independent project) who use the two top labs that perform DNA testing. Based on those interviews and my own research, Relative Genetics proved to provide the highest quality, the fastest test turn around and the lowest cost.

The Test

The Y-DNA test will consist of a simple cotton swab rubbed on the inside of the cheek to collect DNA material. There are no blood tests and no pain. Results of the test should be received in about two to three weeks after the sample is received in the lab.

There are three levels of “genetic marker” testing provided by Relative Genetics. The Tree Pruner (18 markers – $95), Line Verifier (26 markers – $155), and Lineage Establisher (43 markers – $195). The larger the number of markers, the more certain we can be in determining the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). 

The project coordinators I spoke with have run successful projects for a number of years. They recommend the 26-marker test for our type of project. They said someone could save money up front with the 18-marker test and get a general idea of whether or not they are related to a branch of relatives, but inevitably they would spend more to upgrade to the 26-marker test to locate the common relative.


If your interested in participating in the Winslow Family Y-DNA Project, read the Guidelines, Rules and then fill out the Registration Form. If you have questions click the contact link below and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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