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Below is a collection of various coat of arms and crests from various people, families, cities and countries. What we think of as a coat of arms is actually made up of many parts called the "achievement." The coat of arms itself is the "shield" or "escutcheon." It represents an ancient piece of defensive armor on the face of which, known as the field, are emblazoned the charges or bearings in definite fixed colors. Together they constitute a coat of arms. This is the most essential of all the armorial insignia.
When the shield and crest are grouped and displayed, including the helmet, the wreath, the mantling, and in the case of a peer, the supporters, if any, all this is known as an "achievement" and not a crest.

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Albemarle-O-Dewar.jpg (52261 bytes) Albert-C-Cantrell-Hubbersty.jpg (70870 bytes) Arms-of-England.jpg (48816 bytes) Arms-of-Scotland.jpg (51402 bytes) Bartlett.jpg (44709 bytes) Brown.jpg (53787 bytes)
Albemarle O Dewar Albert C Cantrell-Hubbersty Arms of England Arms of Scotland Bartlett Brittany & Bourbon
Campbell.jpg (52689 bytes) Cardinal-Wolsey.jpg (52584 bytes) Charles-H-Barclay.jpg (71196 bytes) Charles-the-Bold,-Count-of-.jpg (68188 bytes) Charles-W-Perryman.jpg (62001 bytes) Croft.jpg (81475 bytes)
Cambell Cardinal Wolsey Charles H Barclay Charles the Bold Charles W Perryman Croft
Duke-of-Brabant.jpg (62526 bytes) Lazarius-Marcellinus-Gerard.jpg (36281 bytes) Cumming-Gordon.jpg (67405 bytes) Brittany-&-Bourbon.jpg (51856 bytes) Wolmershausen-&-Rhenish-Kni.jpg (54526 bytes) London-Arms.jpg (67390 bytes)
Duke of Brabant Lazarius Marcellinus Gerardini Cumming-Gordon Brittany & Bourbon Wolmershausen London Arms
Francis-W-Pixley.jpg (52061 bytes) George-Avelin.jpg (62349 bytes) George-B-Ferguson.jpg (61573 bytes) Gerald-M-Conran.jpg (75831 bytes) Gustavus-R-Hyde.jpg (67480 bytes) Hartmann-von-Aue.jpg (48768 bytes)
Francis W Pixley George Avelin George B Ferguson Gerald M Conran Gustavus R Hyde Hartmann von Aue
Emperor-of-Trebizond.jpg (70885 bytes) John-Platt.jpg (88955 bytes) Peter-von-Engelsberg.jpg (96080 bytes) France-Arms.jpg (42786 bytes) King-of-Bohemia.jpg (84941 bytes) William-Fleetwood.jpg (63776 bytes)
Emperor of Trebizond John Plat Peter von Engelsberg France Arms King of Bohemia William Fleetwood
Robert-S-Stone.jpg (53297 bytes) Matthew-W-Hervey.jpg (55468 bytes) Peter-H-Emerson.jpg (54651 bytes) John-A-Galbraith.jpg (47608 bytes) Henry-T-McDermott.jpg (58258 bytes) John-A-Stuart.jpg (52218 bytes)
Robert S Stone Matthew W Hervey Peter H Emerson John A Galbraith Henry T McDermot John A Stuart
Sir-Gilbert-Talbot.jpg (62490 bytes) Sir-John-Watney.jpg (59385 bytes) Sir-Thomas-Dockwra.jpg (26217 bytes) Sir-Thomas-Wright.jpg (53868 bytes) Sir-Woodbine-Parish.jpg (50863 bytes) Swinton-of-Ilk.jpg (64857 bytes)
Sir Gilbert Talbot Sir John Watney Sir Thomas Dockwra Sir Thomas Wright Sir Woodbine Parish Swinton of Ilk
Von-Luttishofen.jpg (88773 bytes) von-Strohl-of-Straubing.jpg (91389 bytes) WH-Wayne.jpg (54398 bytes) Francis-J-Grant.jpg (51811 bytes) Edward,-Duke-of-York.jpg (39286 bytes) William-H-Cleland.jpg (54496 bytes)
Von Luttishofen Von Strohl of Straubing WH Wayn Francis J Grant Edward, Duke of York William H Cleland

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