Famous Ancestors

Although bearers of the old and distinguished Winslow name comprise a small fraction of the population, there are a number who have established for it a significant place in history. They include: 


Edward Winslow Edward Winslow

WINSLOW, Edward, governor of Plymouth colony, born in Droitwich, near Worcester, England, 18 October, 1595; died at sea, 8 May, 1655. He was descended from an ancient English family. When he was a traveler on the continent he met Reverend John Robinson, of Leyden, with whose church he united in 1617. He sailed on the "Mayflower " with the band of first settlers at Plymouth, and on 22 March, 1621, he was appointed to negotiate with Massasoit, making a treaty that remained intact till it was broken by King Philip in 1675.



Jakob Benignus Winslow Jakob Benignus Winslow

Physician and anatomist, b. at Odense, Denmark, 27 April, 1669; d. in Paris, 3 April, 1760. He finished his high school studies at Odense in 1687, and then attended the University of Copenhagen, where he studied philosophy and theology; later he chose the medical profession and obtained the degree of B.M. in 1694. Receiving a royal scholarship, Winslow went for his further training to foreign countries in 1697, and to Paris in the spring of 1698. Beside his duties as professor, Winslow had a large practice at several hospitals, and in addition, numberless private patients, among whom was Louis XIV up to the time of his death in 1715. Winslow also found time for scientific investigations. His most noted publication is the "Exposition anatomique de la structure du corps humain" (Paris, 1732; London, 1733), which was translated into all civilized languages, and spread his reputation throughout the whole of Europe. As early as 1708 he was made a member of the Academy of Sciences at Paris; later he became a member of the Academy at Berlin. On his gravestone in Saint-Entienne du Mont is the inscription: "Ortu et genere nobilis, nobilior virtute et doctrina".

Miron Winslow Miron Winslow

Missionary, born in Williston, Vermont, 11 December, 1789; died at Cape of Good Hope, 22 October, 1864. He was descended from a brother of Governor Edward Winslow. After graduation at Middlebury in 1815, and at Andover theological seminary in 1818, he sailed in 1819 for Ceylon, where he established a mission and afterward a seminary at Oodooville. In 1836 he founded the mission at Madras, where he spent the remainder of his life establishing seven vernacular schools and a native college Harvard conferred the degree of D.D. on him in 1858. His chief books are " Sketch of the Missions.

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