6 Signs It’s Time To Redo Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. You spend a lot of time in there making yourself feel fresh and ready for your day. If you have guests over your house, they will most likely use the bathroom. If you cringe at the thought of having someone use your bathroom, it may be time for a renovation. Here are six signs that it is definitely time to redo your bathroom.

1 If You Dread Having To Use or Having a Guest Use It

Some rooms in your house you can avoid. If you want to avoid your bedroom, just close the door and sleep on the couch. If you want to avoid the kitchen, order take-out every night. If you want to avoid your bathroom, well, you can’t very well do that, so it may be time for a renovation.


2 If it is Outdated

Does your bathroom look like it is straight out of the 70’s with brightly colored counters and matching wallpaper? Has it never been remodeled since way before you moved in? Keeping your bathroom up to date will help the value of your home go up. Consider remodeling it if is outdated.  

3 If Your Counter is Full of Stuff Because Your Bathroom Lacks Storage

If you feel unorganized or your counter and shelves are overflowing with products, toothpaste, and appliances, like your hairdryer or curling iron, then it is probably time to redo your bathroom. It sounds like you need more efficient space to organize the products you use every day. If your extra towels are stacked somewhere visible, then you need to make yourself some more storage space. To create a relaxing space, your counters and shelves should be free of clutter.

4 If it Smells Like Mold or Mildew

The last thing you want to smell when you go into the bathroom is mold or mildew. Well maybe not the last thing, but if you are smelling mold and mildew, it is time for a bathroom renovation. This is an indication that tiles, grout, and other places are collecting water and making it smelly. Not only is this unpleasant, but it is also not good for you to be breathing in.

5 If the Faucets Leak or the Toilet Constantly Runs

Not only is this annoying, but it also means you are wasting water. It could cause your water bill to be outrageous or you’re well to run out. You can save money if you replace with more energy-efficient fixtures.

6 If There are Damaged or Dirty Tiles

If your tiles and grout are still dirty after you wash them, you need a bathroom makeover. When tiles are damaged, they don’t do a very good job of keeping water out of your walls. Their job is to keep water out of unwanted places to prevent mildew and mold from forming. If they’re not doing their job, they need to be replaced.  

If these signs remind you of your own bathroom, it may be time for a renovation. Your bathroom should be a place that is spotless, calming, and fresh. If it is not, consider that it might be time for a redo.

Bouncy Castle Hire Can Be Used To Increase Your B2B Relationships

Advertising in the world of events and entertainment can be a challenge. You’re always trying to find new ways to show your unique services and branch out to new events for your bouncy castle hire. Certain times of the year are a little more difficult than others and even that can change as trends rise and fall. Direct relationships with other entertainment businesses (or B2B relationships) give you a bit of an advantage about those trends so you know when to advertise to which groups of people.

jumping Castle From Perth bouncy castle

What Exactly is a B2B Relationship?

The simple definition of this type of business relationship is the beneficial ties between two businesses. It’s a symbiotic partnership where one business offers discounts and information to another and vice versa. An example that can help you as a bouncy castle hire service is a partnership with an entertainment company that may need your services. You provide your services at a slight discount and they give you exclusive choice for events you’d be interested in working with. You get more business and know the business trends for each season and the entertainment company with whom you partner gets a cheaper price on bouncy castle hire and more business by being an entertainment company that can offer reliable bouncy castle hire.

Know Your Competition Set

Perth bouncy castleCreating a B2B relationship that benefits you and your clients probably means that you’ll be partnering with a company that is somewhere within your competition set. This means the businesses that are similar to yours and that are within a close radius or operate in a close radius. If you don’t already know these businesses, get to know them now.

  • Discover which businesses nearby service similar clients to yours.
  • Find out if there is a niche you can fill to develop a B2B relationship.
  • Consider what you can offer to other businesses to open the lines of communication for building relationships.
  • Find out which businesses your clients already like so that they’ll be happy with your new partnerships and help you build a larger client base through their own friendships.

This information allows you to concentrate your efforts on building B2B relationships with businesses that actually want it instead of wasting your time with businesses with which you’ll never mesh well.

Build a Contact List

Obstacle course

Begin reaching out to other businesses who might benefit from a B2B relationship with your bouncy castle hire service. Talk to people, make calls, send out e-mails, and make appointments to have face-to-face conversations. Seeing someone in person goes a long way to making them remember you and your business. Be vigilante! If one strategy doesn’t work, try a different approach but don’t be discouraged by one negative answer. If there’s a company you love and want to do business with, show them that.

Include Your Clients

Your new B2B relationship will benefit your clients as well as your bouncy castle hire business and they should know that. Advertise your new relationship and help your new friends do the same. Let your clients know that they will receive even better service than before and have more opportunities because you now have more resources.