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History of Winslow Family by Fred Winslow (this is where I started)

Journals of James Fullerton Trott (1815 - 1898) Descendant of the Pilgrim Winslows

The "Winslow Memorial" by David Parsons Holton, published in 1877

Some sources used by Elizabeth Herzfeld in "The Quaker and Southern Winslows"

Research and narration by Judge Lester E. Winslow on Timothy descendants.

The Robert Forbes Winslow family Bible that traces his lineage to the Mayflower.

Determine the meaning and origin of you surname. (34,000 surname database)

Numerous Coat of Arms pictures for people, cities and countries

Discover the begining of Coat of Arms Heraldry, inheritance and meaning.

Ancient Maps of America, Europe and the world.

Find hidden resources using these Google search tips.

sjwinslow at gmail dot com


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