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TNG (The Next Generation) websites use a genealogy site building software developed by Darrin Lythgoe using powerful PHP scripts and a dynamic MYSQL database. Even though the basic engine that powers each of these sites is similar, the sites themselves are very different reflecting the creativity of the owner. Below are a few of the sites I have viewed and would recommend to the genealogy enthusiasts.

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Featured TNG Websites

The Sprague Project - Website Review

The Sprague Project, has over *257,000 individuals* in it, includes Sprague (and Sprague *derivative* surnames) from *all over* the world. 

Link to: The Sprague Project 


The R. G. Strong Family Genealogy - Website Review 

Take a look at this site that contains 20 years of genealogy research beginning with their Scottish ancestry in the 12th century. Top names: Halladay, Stevens, Conine, Strong & Washburn

Link to: The R. G. Strong Family Genealogy


Roots to Buds -  Website Review 

Check out this very dynamic and informative genealogy site. Numerous photos and extended information make this site enjoyable as well as informative. Top names: Rich, McNiel, Powell, Hendren & Gilreath

Link to: Roots to Buds Genealogy and History




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