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Matches 1 to 13 of 13 for Last Name ALBERTSON and tree Winslow Genealogy, Ancestry & Heritage

The meaning of surname ALBERTSON is - the descendant, or son, of Albert (noble, bright)

   Name   Born/Christened   Spouse 
1 Albert Albertson    Mary Gosby 
2 Benjamin Albertson    Louisa Tucker 
3 EIizabeth Albertson    Thomas Winslow 
4 Elias Albertson     
5 Elihu Albertson    Jean 
6 Esaw Albertson    Sarah Sexton 
7 Hannah Albertson     
8 Isaac Albertson     
9 Lyda Albertson     
10 Miriam Albertson     
11 Nathan "Nathanial" Albertson     
12 Sarah Albertson    John Trueblood 
13 Zella A. Albertson  b. 27 Oct 1873  Charles Winslow 

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