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Matches 1 to 12 of 12 for Last Name BELL and tree Winslow Genealogy, Ancestry & Heritage

The meaning of surname BELL is - dweller at the sign of the bell; the handsome one; descendant of Bel, a pet form of Isabel (oath to Baal)

   Name   Born/Christened   Spouse 
1 Ada Bell  b. Abt 1878 Tekamah, Burt, Nebraska  Ralph Abram Reyman 
2 Claude Bell     
3 Donna Jean Bell     
4 D.J. Bell     
5 Eveline Bell  b. Abt 1843  Augustus Gaskill Winslow 
6 Lancelot Bell    Miriam Nicholson 
7 Margaret Bell  b. 11 Nov 1765 Pasquotank Co., North Carolina  John S Winslow 
8 Mary Bell  b. 27 Dec 1759 Pasquotank Co., North Carolina  Nathan Morris 
9 Mary Frances Miller Bell    J. Pressley Smith 
10 O. Bell    J. Winslow 
11 O. Bell    J.A. Winslow 
12 Sara Bell    James Allen Winslow 

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