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Matches 1 to 13 of 13 for Last Name BRIGGS and tree Winslow Genealogy, Ancestry & Heritage

The meaning of surname BRIGGS is - dweller at, or near, a bridge

   Name   Born/Christened   Spouse 
1 Briggs    Nellie M. Luce 
2 Briggs  b. Abt 1789 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts  Stephen Atwood 
3 Edith Briggs     
4 Edna Briggs  b. Abt 1773 Wareham, Plymouth, Massachussetts  Silvanus Maxham 
5 Gardiner Briggs  b. 16 Jul 1778 Berkley, Bristol, Massachusetts  Mercy Sherman 
6 Hannah Briggs    Edward Winslow 
7 Hannah Briggs  b. 1643 Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA  Samuel Winslow 
8 Helen Briggs     
9 Henry M. Briggs    Lucy Ann Besse 
10 John Briggs  b. Abt 1664 Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts  Prudence Sherman 
11 Mary Briggs  b. 1694 Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA  Samuel Little 
12 Ruth Briggs    Samuel Winslow 
13 Walter Briggs  b. 1612  Frances Watson 

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