HINDS Family

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Matches 1 to 11 of 11 for Last Name HINDS and tree Winslow Genealogy, Ancestry & Heritage

The meaning of surname HINDS is - one who was a gentle or timid person

   Name   Born/Christened   Spouse 
1 Estey Hinds  b. 22 Jan 1903   
2 Frank Hinds     
3 Frank Hinds  b. 4 Jul 1867  Caroline Winslow 
4 H.L. Hinds    B.A. Parker 
5 John Hinds    Jane Thompson 
6 John Hinds     
7 John Hinds    Effie Cauble 
8 J. Hinds    C. Crossman 
9 Keziah Hinds  b. 5 Oct 1777 Middleboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts  John Winslow 
10 Roy Edwards Hinds    Monta H. Thompson 
11 Virginia Hinds     

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