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Matches 1 to 8 of 8 for Last Name WALKER and tree Winslow Genealogy, Ancestry & Heritage

The meaning of surname WALKER is - one who cleaned and thickened cloth, a fuller; one who came from Walker (marsh by the Roman wall)

   Name   Born/Christened   Spouse 
1 Hannah Walker    Benjamin Jones 
2 Henry Walker, Jr. Winslow  b. 10 Feb 1912 Brady, TX   
3 Marion Walker    Harold Towle 
4 Martha E. Walker  b. 15 Aug 1850  Henry Beverly Winslow, Jr. 
5 Mary Walker  b. 28 Jul 1698 Bristol, Bristol Co., MA  Edward Little 
6 Mary Ann Walker    Jotham Waterman 
7 Sarah Walker  b. Jun 1836  Thomas Ewing Winslow 
8 Will Walker    Mary Abbott 

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