Why spending some time in nature is good for your health

For most of us who enjoy nature, we are intuitively quite aware of how beneficial it can be to our health to spend all the time we do in the great outdoors. It can be difficult to explain why we feel happier, healthy and generally enjoy life more when we spend more time outside, especially in nature. However, studies are beginning to uncover some of the many scientific explanations to why we benefit so much from time outside. That’s why it’s so important we look after the environment including our tree’s and natural reserves.

Fresh air

Spending time outside usually means access to fresh air, good oxygen and, if you’re in nature rather than in an enclosed urban environment, also away from pollution. This means that for each breath you take, you oxygen intake is much higher than if you were indoors, or even outdoors in the city. Oxygen is crucial for cell reproduction and growth and so more oxygen also means better health. It is food for our cells, and also food for our mind. Fresh air helps us stay in a relaxed state of alertness, which decreases stress and improves mental focus and concentration.

Unplugged time

Spending time in nature also usually means that the technologies available in modern society are scarce. It becomes a safe haven away from email, text messaging, phone calls and all the pressing ways in which people communicate with each other electronically and that can probably wait, but are still treated as urgent. This excess stimulation of the nervous system can be very taxing on our adrenal glands and activate stress hormones and the fight or flight reflex, increasing stress overall, without a true threat being present. By spending time in nature, we allow our nervous system to reset itself and return to parasympathetic mode where the nervous system is less reactive and more receptive.

Vitamin D

Outdoor time in nature will generally give us more access to sunshine. Even in northern countries in the winter, the same is true. Spending at least 15 minutes outdoor in the sun can do wonders for our mood thanks to vitamin D absorption. Increased vitamin D can help prevent osteoporosis, seasonal affective disorder, depression, chronic pain and a number of other conditions. In cases where it cannot be prevented, increased vitamin D still has been shown to improve longer term health outcomes. Rather than taking supplements, or even in addition to taking supplements, spending time in nature is the best way to get lots of vitamin D the natural way.

Better focus on the bigger picture

Spending time outside often give us a sense of expansion. The horizon is further, we can see beyond cubicle walls, the walls of our rooms and indoor spaces, beyond the grind of traffic and the bumper ahead of us, beyond the screens that occupy most of our waking hours. Spending time in natural both literally and metaphorically gives us something further to set our sights on. We can expand our view onto a deeper horizon and focus on the bigger picture.

Sense of connectedness

Being surrounded in nature can also remind us that we are part of something bigger than our small lives. Shifting the focus away from ourselves, our stories, our dramas, our problems, our successes and our struggles, being in nature reminds us that we are in a very big world of interconnected beings that were all there much before us, and that will continue long after we are gone. By reminding ourselves of this world we are a part of, we can increase our sense of connectedness with the vastness of the universe, and remember that we are but one small part of this infinite whole.

Tree care and the importance of a healthy environment

Trees assume a critical part in our surroundings. Trees furnish us with natural air to inhale, shade in summers, food, and different advantages without which we can’t even consider living. As contamination and cutting of trees builds step by step, the environmental offset ought to be kept up.

We ought to plant more trees keeping in mind the end goal to give a sound life to our kids and the eras to come. Trees help us in giving sustenance specifically or in a roundabout way. Trees give protection and home to numerous creatures and fowls. Trees issue us timber which is utilized as a part of making of houses, instruments, compartments of the train, huge boxes, and so forth. All in all, this makes trees the healthy part of our environment without which we cannot survive.

Trees satisfy a percentage of the imperative capacity. These incorporate giving oxygen to each living animal, counteracting soil disintegration, delivering vegetables, pharmaceuticals and organic products. They additionally help in keeping up the moisture of the dirt. Despite of knowing the huge importance of trees, individuals are as yet chopping down the trees and backwoods have begun draining from this wonderful earth.

Trees go about as characteristic ventilation systems and air channels. The trees take in carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen which is exceptionally vital for all the living animals on earth. They help in filtering the air by retaining dangerous gasses, for example, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and so on. Trees gather all the vitality advancing shape the sun and store the greater part of it in themselves.

Temperature in the earth is additionally controlled with the assistance of trees. The surroundings close to the trees are in fact much cooler than the spots that are away. Planting of more trees in the urban ranges can help in lessening the warmth created by the tall structures made of concrete and cement. We generally feel tranquil and soothing whenever we are near the nature and trees.

A standout amongst the most vital elements of the significance of trees lies in its utilization in medications. Individuals in the past utilized distinctive parts of the tree to cure themselves from numerous infections. The greater parts of the corrective organizations have now begun utilizing herbs and characteristic oils which are given by the plants and plant items. .

The trees are profitable and contribute from multiple points of view in our lives. What might the world be similar to without trees? There would be no trees for individuals to climb. There would be no shade for individuals on a sunny day. There would be no spot for creatures and fowls to live. Indeed, it’s extremely hard to envision a world without trees. We should take part along with the individuals chopping down sound trees for their own reasons, and not considering why trees are imperative to individuals, creatures and the earth. As, mentioned above there will be no healthy environment without trees which will also lead to the extinction of life. We still have bit of time to ponder upon.

Tree Care Business, Lets Help Clear The Air.

Trees are amongst the most important part of out planet, from cleaning the air, cleaning the water, helping all things breath on this planet and allowing us to build tools that have been massive influences in the direction that OUR species has traveled.

A local business owner i know that works with business consulting has shown me that there are many ways to approach a situation, like tree care and that every tree just like every business is going to branch off and do its own thing every once and a while. If however you do need your trees trimmed for safety reasons a reputable arborist should always be your first point of contact as covered in a previous post about tree care.

He also added however that although trees may not always make the best decision to grow and may sometimes touch power lines and have melt downs, there is always a solution that can help that tree/business reach its potential and help others in its surrounding area.


Tree care is extra, uber important more now than it ever has even come close to before. I can easily go on about millions of reasons why we should not be cutting down trees and just as likely you could go on about millions of reasons why we should cut down trees but instead i would like to discuss around one simple question.


What do your or what would the children you know, Choose.

Would it be the money to do what they like for the next 5 to ten years then whimper out in the end as the climatic change and other issues fully take hold?

or would they rather nurture nature and step into the realm where karma looks after you and you grow and receive by the things you give back, to others AND our surroundings?

Even though you know the answer and you feel it inside most people are still going to cut and use all the tree’s they can and if there is profit involved there will be no end to it.


Plant 10 trees, you may not be there to witness it in its most valued stat but your off spring and there offspring really do depend on it and just as this world was left survivable with the ability to grow when you arrived, it should be for our next generation too. for all you know when you die you could just be the next person born into this place and i am sure that you too will want some trees for air shelter and water.

Thanks for reading